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Find your Personal Electric Vehicles like Moby m1, Wheel or electric skateboard at beinmove.com

Are you looking for a PEV and you do not know the best place to buy it? Beinmove.com is a safe and easy place to buy your PEV and we offer free shipping for all european union countries.

Why do you need a personal electric vehicle?

Do you like to travel and visit new cities? How about taking big walks in the nature with your family? Like having fun with your kids? Or just, you are a person that makes a lot of short trips in your zone or warehouse?

We have a great variety of personal electric vehicles and you need to check your needs and desires to see which PEV is more suitable to you. PEV’s can help your life giving your tasks, rides and simple walks more fun and save you time and effort.

What is the right PEV for you?

Depending on your wishes or your needs, you will need to carefully check each personal electric vehicle to make a wise decision. Electric Wheel, Moby CC, Moby S1, Moby m1, Electric Skateboard, Electric Scooter or, for golfers, we have the Moby CC - Golf Edition and Trolley 150w.

You think PEV’s are expensive?

Personal Electric Vehicles are designed using advanced technology and manufactured with high-end methods. PEVs are vehicles easy to use and recharge, with great autonomy and the cost per kilometer is around 0.01€ for some PEVs. Time saving is also a factor to consider as you will be economizing time when using PEV’s.

There is a lot of personal electric vehicles on the market, choose the one that fits most of your needs.


Do you ever wished your own self-balanced EV?

A few years ago, having a self-balanced electric vehicle seemed impossible. With huge prices and lack of alternatives, it was hard to find a PEV that will suit your needs. 

Nowadays, you have a much wider alternative list where you can compare each vehicle technical specification but also the price. Allow us to present you our self-balanced Electric Vehicles.

Moby CC
This Personal Electric Vehicle has it all! You can ride the Moby CC at a 20 Km/h maximum speed and enjoy it's superb autonomy of 50 Km.
moby cc

Electric Wheely 500w
This amazing and futuristic vehicle is a self-balanced unicycle. It weights only 14kg and has a handle so you can carry it easily. You can ride on one wheel with a maximum speed of 16 Km/h and 25 Km autonomy per charge. Your friends will be astonished while you are having fun on one wheel.
electric wheely

Moby s1
A lightweight and easy to ride PEV that reaches 15Km/h top speed and a 25 Km autonomy. It's easy to lower the handlebar and store it or transport it on your car.
moby s1

An amazing vehicle for golf players

Moby CC - Golf Edition
If you love golf, we have good news for you. We have launched Moby CC Golf Edition that makes moving around the golf course in a easy, fast and fun way.  The Golf Edition of Moby CC has a support for your golf bag, for your notes and for golf balls.
moby cc golf

Electric Trolley
Foldable, lightweight and affordable. It's easy to carry the electric trolley on your car and use it always you need. With a simple button that allows to regulate the speed, this trolley will carry your heavy golf bag around the hills of a golf course.
golf trolley

We have electric vehicles for everyone

It's great to get out of the house sometimes, travel and having fun with family and friends. We have great PEVs for everyone and every needs.

Electric Scooty
This practical PEV is very easy to ride and ideal for youngsters. The seat is an optional extra that you can purchase. Charge it at your home and ride for 15 Km with a maximum speed of 20 Km/h.
electric scooty

Do you like Electric Skateboards?

Our Electric Skateboards are cool and fast and you can use them on calm family walks or riding with your friends. We have available 3 versions (150w, 250w, 800w) and they all have a wireless control remote so you can operate your skate. You can limit the speed of your electric Skaty, if you are a beginner or you just want to ride slowly.

Electric Skaty 800w
Equipped with a powerfull 800w motor, it’s a fast and fun Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) to ride. This version is recommended for adults only as the speed goes up to 35 Km/h. This PEV has a  maximum loading capacity of 120 kg and 25 km autonomy.
electric skateboard 800w

Electric Skaty 250w
This Skaty has a maximum speed of 18 Km/h and a maximum load capacity of 80kg.
electric skateboard 250w

Electric Skaty 150w
This our small version of the electric skateboard, it is more suitable to youngsters but always with adult supervision. It has a maximum speed of 15 Km/h, 25 km autonomy and the maximum weigh capacity is 60 kg.
electric skateboard 150w

xl small scooter

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